The Journey

At Ivan Grundahl we have been working on a new approach to how we do “business as usual” – At the moment we see that there is a shift happening in the fashion business, and a new balance needs to be found. An important journey we want to be part of.

We have been trying to find our footing in the aftermath of Ivan’s untimely demise. Which resulted in a much-needed break to reminisce and find our way back to the originality of the company, but also look to the future and what role we wanted to play. It has been a long and exciting journey, and we have now reached the end of our old path and the beginning of a new.

We want to reduce the sizes of our collections – produce less and dig deeper into our DNA in order to stay true to our founding father and give less room for unnecessary waste. We want to be more aware of the imprint we make on our planet, which is why we have decided solely to make production according to orders, thereby trying to avoid overproduction. It is our strong desire to be able to produce most of our items in “dead-stock-fabrics” hereby keeping what we decide to produce to a minimum.

We will no longer make two major collections a year – but make smaller product groups / collections that we call “DROPS” – they will not be seasonal , but sustainable fashion, staying true to the fact that we
Over time Ivan Grundahl has shown that the designs made in his name gives a woman the feeling of strength, confidence and sexiness regardless of age or type. That is what we want to continue to give to women… and men too.

We are a tiny team that is passionate about this amazing brand, which we believe for many decades has played a central role in the consciousness and self-perception of Danish Fashion. Our modest hope for the future is that we can continue to represent the diversity that we at Ivan Grundahl hold so dear and keep creating unconventional clothes in a way that is suitable for the world that we live in and the planet that we live on.

Love, Team Grundahl.

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